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Casse confi triathlon

Organisateur : Fédération Mauricienne de Triathlon


Casse confi triathlon

Organisé par Fédération Mauricienne de Triathlon

4 épreuves indépendantes programmées.
Inscription par épreuve.

- Distribution des dossards : apportez votre matériel et vous le placerez dans des sacs de transition qui seront mis à votre disposition (voir Règlement pour plus d'infos sur les sacs de transition)
- Le matin de la course, on vous attend au Morne avec vos affaires de natation et de vélo (sac de transition 1)
- Course en autonomie: ravitaillements sur les transitions uniquement! Prévoyez de quoi boire et manger suffisamment!
- Si vous souhaitez avoir vos propres boissons sur le parking des Gorges, vous pouvez les laisser à l'organisation au moment du marquage, le matin de la course.
- Un tee-shirt Finisher (Pour ce qui achete) - Pas de Remise des prix à Parakeet - Coureurs individuels: podium Scratch & podium Veterans
- Equipe relais: podium Mixtes/hommes & podium Femmes


Fees :
Individual: Rs1000
Team relay x2: Rs800 par participant
Team relay x3: Rs700 par participant
Payment to: The Federation Mauricienne de Triathlon.
Bank: The Mauritius Commercial Bank.
Address: Sir William Newton Street, Port Louis, MAURITIUS. Account Number: 000010258604.


Les épreuves

Épreuve de l'évènement sportifTriathlonTriathlon65.5 kmLe Morne06h00
Épreuve de l'évènement sportifTriathlon relayTriathlon65.5 kmLe Morne06h00
Épreuve de l'évènement sportifDuathlonDuathlon70 kmLe Morne06h00
Épreuve de l'évènement sportifDuathlon relayDuathlon70 kmLe Morne06h00

Modalités d'inscriptions

Se référer aux modalités de chacune des épreuves.



1. A competitor may not swim while their bare torso is exposed.
2. A competitor may not make use of either the bottom or inanimate objects to gain an advantage.

1. Cycling helmets are compulsory. Helmet must be securely fastened at all times during cycling.
2. Race numbers should be on the back.
3. Time Trial handlebars are permitted..
4. Competitors must obey the specific traffic regulations unless otherwise directed by an official.
5. Competitos are not permitted to cycle while their bare torso is exposed.
6. Drafting is not authorised.

1. Race number must be in front.
2. May not run with a bare torso.
3. May run or walk.
4. May not crawl.
5. Glass containers, headphones and headsets are not permitted.
6. May run without shoes on any part of the course.

1. Competitors must use only their designated bicycle rack.
2. Competitors must not impede the progress of other competitors in the transition area.
3. Competitors must mount and dismount their bicycle at the designated line. 4. Cycling is not permitted in the transition area.
5. Bicycles must be left at the rack in an upright position. 6. Nudity or indecent exposure is forbidden.

A Competitor who protests against another competitor or official must do so in filling the protest form available from the administrative secretary within fifteen (15) minutes of his/her finish time. Any protest must be accompanied with Rs 1,500 (one thousand and five hundred rupees).

I declare that I/my child will abide the rules of the FMTri and ITU and accept that the event organisers and their associates are not liable for any loss, damage, claim or expense which may arise as a consequence of my/child participation in this competition. I/my child will cycle with care and attention and abide the normal rules of the road. I/ my child am/ is of good health and compete at my / his own risk.